VPS Hosting

For larger websites with features like a Learning Management System such as Learndash and a WooCommerce online store, it is advisable to provide them with their own (small) virtual server.
You still share a server, but many resources are more isolated from each other compared to shared web hosting. This provides more possibilities for customization and ensures a fast system.

We only offer managed VPS hosting by default so that even those with less technical knowledge can use it.

We assist with the migration from shared web hosting to your own VPS.

Of course, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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VPS keuze

An example of the most commonly used VPS options. Of course, we provide customization, and you can go faster and larger, but it is advisable to start small.
Going bigger is always possible, but going back to smaller can be more challenging.

In this case, "Managed" means that we take care of the operating system and the control panel. This includes updates and security. Naturally, we also continuously monitor the system.

By default, we use Ubuntu as the operating system and combine it with Cyberpanel Apache/Litespeed server and caching. It's a beautiful and fast combination that is also easy to operate.

If you prefer to work with the Plesk control panel, that option is also available, although you may experience a slight decrease in speed. Also, consider possible backup options. We can save the entire VPS at once, every day, for 7 days. Keep in mind that if you run multiple sites, you can restore them all at once during a recovery action. That's why website backups are standard if you use our webcare service.

While ordering, you can choose a domain name or transfer an existing one.

  • VPS basic (small)


    For a single website

    • 2 vCPU

    • 2GB memory

    • 40GB diskspace

    • 20TB traffic

    • Free control panel

  • VPS optimal (comfortabel)


    Optimal for one or more websites

    • 4vCPU

    • 8GB memory

    • 160GB diskspace

    • 20TB traffic

    • Free control panel