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  • Plesk upgrade finished mei 17, 2018
    The Plesk upgrade and underlaying servers went well. All seems fine and multiple extra options are now available in the control panel.
  • Plesk controlpanel upgrade 17/5/2018 mei 11, 2018
    We are planning to upgrade Plesk to version 17.8 (latest) on 17th May 2018 at 0005AM – 0500AM CEST (GMT +2). We expect during this period there will be some downtime as always we will try keep this minimal as possible. Mail might be slightly delayed but nothing will get lost. We will also add […]
  • Plesk move succesfull maart 3, 2017
    Our client panel is online again, half an hour down time but running fine again. Other site will take a bit longer to start working.
  • Server move maart 3, 2017
    Friday night there will be a move to a new datacenter. Allthough this will be done as 'live migration' there will also be a new IP range.This will take time to settle in the DNS servers worldwide.Technically there will be no or hardly any downtime but browser might be pointed to the old location for […]
  • Maintenance scheduled oktober 22, 2016
    We are needing to do some maintenance tonight Saturday 22nd October 2016 at 2350 CEST (GMT+2). As part of this we will be doing the following: -          Upgrade to the main firewall -          Change of filter with some extra protection. This will enable the web interface for everyone. During the period there will be little […]
  • Plesk upgrade september 16, 2016
    We have updated our Plesk control panel. Now you can use PHP7 for faster websites and make use of the free certificate option to run your site under SSL.
  • New helpdesk november 29, 2015
    We have moved to a new helpdesk and invoicing system.You can send in ticketsby email or directly here on the website.Ordering domains en services is also easier and we provide direct insight in invoices.
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