We try to keep things simple and personal. No quick click access (often used by spammers) to setup a hosting package. We prefer to have contact first and see if you need any advice or help. Yes, we know each and every client on our servers.

You can register a domain name, setup a website and/or email addresses. When choosing webhosting, it basically comes down to how much disk space you need. Most functions are available on all packages. Keep in mind that your disk space usage comes from website, email and backups together.

All packages bigger than 100mb, come with a free domain name: (.COM/.NL/ORG/.INFO) They have also plenty of email options and we support PHP and ASP websites. Linux (and Windows)

We do VPS packages, dedicated servers, private networks and extra custom firewalls if you need the highest form of protection.

We can build or help you with making websites. Fix errors and advice about anything related to hosting. We also support a lot of companies with migrations, support their IT teams with our dedicated people.

It all depends what you want but almost every thing is possible, just ask.

For (shared) website hosting we use a fast server with the latest Plesk control panel. Pretty easy to setup your site and email. Joomla or Wordpress is a simple click of a button and it will also keep an eye on updates for you.

To give an idea about the package prices click here. (you will be redirected to our client portal)

If you want to setup your first website for personal use or your company, you might need only 250 of 500mb space. Keep in mind that email also needs space. 
A simple Wordpress or Joomla site will be around 100-250 mb but can quickly grow depending on pictures and pages. 
But it is simple: start small and expand the hosting when needed. We will send you a message when you run out of space. We have a relaxed policy too. If you need more space to move your site you will get so for free. 

Is your website growing? Need a webshop and a reliable and quick setup?
We got you covered and are ready to advise you or help transferring your site.

Besides the hosting we can help with building or setting up website/webshops, make sure they are secure and even maintain them for you so you can concentrate on selling your products.

See our support packages where we take over keeping your site secure with constant monitoring, checks, daily backups and keep your site up to date.

Please see our support packages

We have both Windows and Linux hosting, Exchange servers and custom VPS on request.

The Linux hosting runs on Ubuntu with a Plesk control panel, all kept up to date and with the most recent PHP versions switchable. We also run MYSQL and MariaDB.

Windows Servers use our own control panel: SolidCP

We use a strict firewall with IPv4 and IPv6 and if you have sensitive data we can help protect even further.

We are a small team but personal support is our main item.

Our servers are located in the Netherlands in our own cages. We run and maintain our own hardware.

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