There were some issues with ticket system so we decided to redo our sites and use it as a test cases for the fastest pages possible,

It's unfinished but functional and yes it is very fast. We will add the remaining parts in the next few weeks. 

If you had an active helpdesk account before we will send new credentials and add the remaining credits back.

Technical details:

This site is now running Joomla 3.6 and under a new webserver setup. (PHP 7) Front and backend are made with Bootstrap 3 templating.

Our backup website is running even faster under Ubuntu 16; check Zebra Hosting backup site


We have slow loading sites due to more DDOS attacks on the Firewalls. (Despite all the measurements done last night).  Working hard to find a permanent solution.

UPDATE 10:30 - decided to move the shared hosting to other setup. Will take some time to restore.

  • Exchange mail servers
  • Smartermail mail servers
  • VPSses

Not working:

  • Shared hosting (Plesk panel) meaning slow websites, webmail and mail there.

UPDATE 11:00 Shared hosting is working again. Sorry for the downtime.

As you may have noticed we are having some firewall issues today and further attacks on our servers.

Tonight (5th October 2015) After 2300CEST (GMT+1) we are going to be doing maintenance to make further improvements to our network to help prevent these problems. We are unable to give a firm estimate on the length of the downtime but we will try to make sure these are completed by 0600CEST (GMT+1).

We do apologize with the amount of downtime over the last week but we are closely monitoring all servers.

As you might of noticed we collected some downtime today.
It was due to a sophisticated DDOS attack that flooded all our states in our firewalls resulting in downtime you experienced today. 

After 0:00 GMT +1 tonight we will do emergency maintenance to apply fixes and restructure part of our security systems to make us much less venerable to such attack.
Downtime in general should be pretty minimal during maintenance but can result up to 10 minutes in downtime from time to time as we make some IP Adjustements from/to different firewall clusters.

Once the maintenance is done we will have achieved the following:

  • Can handle up to 20 times more states then before from 400.000 to 4.000.000 with timeout balancing past 2.000.000 states, and instant timeout after 3.000.000 active states to free up available states.
  • We will split up our current environment in multiple isolated firewall clusters instead of 1 big cluster. This way even if such attack beats our firewalls it will only take down part of our services instead of everything at once. It will also make it more easy for us to locate and block off the incoming attack. 

We apologize for the downtime and the inconvenience you have had today. We do our absolute best to make sure everything is as secure and stable as it can possibly be.

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