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Every website and email address need a place on the internet to store its data. Thats where hosting comes in place. It also needs an 'address' which we call a domain name.  Setting up a place on the internet means deciding what domain name you want to use (and is still free) and how much space you will need. Usually you can start small and when you grow and need more space you can upgrade the package without issues.

Buying a hosting space will give you access to a control panel where all options are visible. Often overwhelming the first time you see it but no worries, We help setting up and guide you through the process.

Website and webshop

In our customer panel, setting up a Wordpress or Joomla site is one click of a button. But if you want a customized website we can of course help with design and building / setup.

Already a website with another hosting company? We help you move for free!

Managed hosting (maintenance and security)

Setting up a website is simple but what most people tend to forget is that it needs almost daily nurturing. Everyday sites are under attack and need to be kept secure. Our control panel has a lot of extra security option including automatic upgrades.
If you don't want to deal with all this but want to focus at content and creativity, let us do the work. This is called managed hosting and we have special systems to remotely maintain, secure, monitor and backup your site. We only charge a small fee because it is good for everybody if a server is kept secure.

Choosing the right hosting package

When choosing a webhosting package , it basically comes down to how much disk space you need. Most functions are available on all packages. Important to know that your disk space usage comes from website, email and backups together.
The good news: you can start small and grow if needed.  The titles of the example below are there to make the decision a bit easier. 

All packages bigger than 250mb, come with a free domain name: (.COM/.NL/ORG/.INFO) They have also plenty of email options and we support PHP and ASP websites. Linux (and Windows)

VPS and dedicated tools

Some companies need maximum speed or security. A Virtual Private System can be the better option. It can be fine tuned for a specific task.
We can help with the setup, management and security. We even provide separate firewalls or IP addresses. VPS setups are not one click solutions and we thoroughly check the background of new clients. 

Pricing Table

Some examples.


250mb diskspace
5GB bandwidth
1 Domain
3 Subdomains
Unlimited email addresses


500mb diskspace
10GB bandwidth
1 Free Domain
3 Subdomains
Unlimited email addresses


1000mb diskspace
15GB bandwidth
1 Free Domain
5 Subdomains
Unlimited email addresses

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